I was in zero clubs or sports as a high school student. I spent my time in caves smithing ore and ingots, crawling through catacombs hacking and slashing, beseiging the Persian war elephants, etc.


I was a fucking nerd from the get go. Friend across the street burnt me Diablo 1 on a gold disc with no cd key. I think I was on chat rooms by age 10 because the world didn’t even know what those were yet. First time I built a computer was age 12.

But by the time I took high school classes (2003ish) in Cisco A+ and Net+ certification training, the rest of society started to catch up and being a computer nerd wasn’t as particularly unique as it was before then.

I was influenced most by my high school Psychology teacher and Art History/Humanities teacher. I found soul in the human experience and The Doors.

new job let’s check this shit for INFPsss


I’m struggling teaching 180 teenagers about molarity, and quacks are making 50% more money than me doing bullshit. Why, how. The Koch brothers must be behind this somehow.


We’re fucked.

As a partially educated man myself, I am growing more aware of the market share of ignoramuses that must have an overpaid corporate job and have yet to display their primate brain bc they lack pre-frontal cortexes. I will give up my rigorous 1.5 year chemistry boot camp training to give the market the bullshit they deserve.

Psych tests and therapists don’t ever really get it when I’m trying to explain the cognitive dissonance of being a communist in Texas. When I was ranting at my Dr, I said “As much as christians hate the devil and hell, I hate cops and jail,” to explain the severity of my previous panic this month.

So no website should ever reccomend me to do fucking Advertising.

So I’m looking for jobs again. After working 50+ hours per week as a beat down teacher, I kinda want a job that I don’t give a shit about. Just let me sleep around for a while.

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